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Thermaltake Frio Universal Heatsink Review

Juli 12, 2010

Introduction and Features

Thermaltake Frio creates CPU wind tunnel for rejoicing overclockers

Courtesy of Thermaltake

Universal air-cooled heatsinks have taken center stage in 2010 thanks to new six-core CPU platforms from AMD and Intel. The combination of aluminum fin arrays, heatpipes, and copper bases make for outstanding cooling solutions for today’s hottest and fastest processors. Today’s latest six-core processors require almost 220 watts of power, so many vendors have had to modify their heatsink’s size, weight, and temperature threshold to match the latest hardware. Thermaltake stepped up to the plate and developed a dual-fan universal heatsink called the Frio to give power users a proven design that chills out many types of processors and looks good doing it.

Courtesy of Thermaltake

The Thermaltake Frio was built from the ground up with overclockers in mind. The Frio uses two 120mm fans that max out at 2,500 RPMs to create a wind tunnel effect over the CPU and pulls heat away from the fin array. This heatsink was built with a combination of plastic, copper, and aluminum to make it lighter and more effective at cooling four and six-core processors.

Courtesy of Thermaltake

The Frio weighs in at around 1,042 grams, which puts it in the same realm as many of today’s top heatsinks that can be universally used with different CPU socket types. It includes eight heatpipes to dissipate heat generated from processors pulling more than 220 watts of power. Each fan is plastic, has white internal fins, and the copper and aluminum base should easily handle any processor on the market at stock conditions. What will be tricky is evaluating how this heatsink matches up against our Intel i7-860 running at 4GHz.

Courtesy of Thermaltake

Here’s a quick diagram to showcase Thermaltake’s Smart Thermal Management System that uses the heatpipes to pull heat from the CPU and two 120mm fans to push and pull the heat away from the fin array.

Courtesy of Thermaltake


  • Ultimate Overclocking Thermal Structure Design
    – excellent cooling capacity – supports 220W
    – 0.5mm aluminum fins with large surface for heat dissipation
    – 5 x Ø8 mm-U-shape copper heat pipes for accelerated heat conduction
    – tower side flow design efficiently optimizes cooling performance.
  • Ultra Powerful Dual 120mm VR™ Fan and Eye-Catching Cover
    – 120 mm VR™ Fan, adjustable between 1200 and 2500 RPM max. for best overclocking performance
  • – additional 120mm Fan enhances cooling performance
    – black and red cooler top add aesthetical appearance
  • Universal Socket Compatibility & Accessory Package
    – universal socket support:
    Intel: LGA1366, LGA1156, LGA775
    AMD: AM3, AM2+, AM2
    – premium thermal grease maximizes heat transfer from the CPU into the cooler copper base for rapid dissipation

Specifications and Packaging

Thermaltake Frio specifications (taken from Thermaltake’s website)

Intel® Latest 6-Core Processors
Intel® Core i7 Extreme (Socket LGA1366)
Intel® Core i7 (Socket LGA1366 & LGA1156)
Intel® Core i5 / i3 (Socket LGA1156)
Intel® Core 2 Extreme / Quad / Duo (Socket LGA775)
Intel® Pentium D / 4 (Socket LGA775)
Intel® Pentium (Socket LGA775)
Intel® Celeron D (Socket LGA775)
Intel® Celeron (Socket LGA775)
AMD® Latest 6-Core Processors
AMD® Phenom II X6 / X4 / X3 / X2 (Socket AM3/AM2+)
AMD® Phenom X4 / X3 (Socket AM3/AM2+)
AMD® Athlon II X4 / X3 / X2 (Socket AM3)
AMD® Athlon 64 FX / X2 (Socket AM2)
AMD® Athlon 64 (Socket AM2)
AMD® Sempron (Socket AM2)

*Supports All CPUs up to 220W TDP

Heatsink Dimensions
139(L) x 98(W) x 165(H) mm

Heatsink Material
– Aluminum Fins
– Aluminum and Copper Base
– Heatpipe 8mm x 5

Fan Dimensions
120(L) x 120(H) x 25(W) mm

Fan Speed
1,200 ~ 2,500 RPM

Fan Noise Level
20 ~ 43 dBA

Max. Air Flow
101.6 CFM

Max. Air Pressure
4.2 mmH2O

Power Connector
3 Pin

Rated Voltage
12 V

Started Voltage
6 V

Rated Current
0.5 A

Power Input
6 W

50,000 Hrs @ 40℃

1,042 g

Retail packaging

The Frio is elegantly packaged in a sturdy retail box with Thermaltake’s branding and small badges indicating the inclusion of dual fans, eight heatpipes and universal CPU support. It also touts support 220w TDP processors.

The back panel goes over the rest of the Frio’s available features, including the decorative black and red fan covers, copper heatpipes and base, and multi-speed fan controllers that can push each fan between 1,200 and 2,500 RPMs.

Opening the top panel reveals Thermaltake’s warranty policy for the Frio, which happens to be two years from the date of purchase. The heatsink’s second fan and a box of installation brackets can also be seen secured in foam in this photo.

The foam is molded around every part of the Frio to ensure nothing was damaged or scratched during shipping. The multiple layers of foam allows for the package to be bumped around on its way to the U.S. without anything happening to the product itself. I prefer this type of foam packaging instead of vacuum sealing because it gives the product more cushion and ensures it doesn’t get damaged by accidental mishaps.

One of the biggest selling points for the Frio is its ability to support every modern CPU type from AMD and Intel. These types include Intel’s LGA 1366, LGA 1156, LGA 775 and AMD’s AM2, AM2+, and AM3 processors.

Lastly, Thermaltake included a detailed installation guide and product warranty pamphlet to give users everything they need to install the Frio and how the company’s warranty policy works for RMAs.

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